Extraordinary Vacation Plans in Bandung

You can consider some of the extraordinary plans in Bandung besides its factory outlets and its culinary adventures. There are some extraordinary places that do actually exist in Bandung. You just need to dig a little more to reveal all those places. Hence, you get your ultimate experience in life.

Here are some of the extraordinary vacation plans in Bandung that you must try:

1. Wish upon a Meteor Shower at Bosscha Observatory


Have you ever dreamt of making a wish on a falling star? If yes, you can actually wish upon a star at Bosscha Observatory in Lembang. In fact, this can surely be a romantic way to impress your date. Well, it will make a great family day out too. You can take the kids to learn about the planets and constellations.

Amazingly, it is one-of-its-kind in the whole country. The observatory was built in 1923 during the Dutch colonial era, and then it was acquired by Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1959 for research in mathematics and natural sciences.

Nonetheless, the observatory is only open to the public between 9:00-13:00 only on Saturdays. Thus, it is highly advisable to make a reservation beforehand. Depending on the weather conditions, lucky visitors can even get the chance to see Jupiter, Venus and several Nebulas.

Indeed, you may also get a chance to witness a meteor shower that is only visible on a few nights every other month. You can check out the schedule on the observatorys website, so that you can prepare to go check it out in advance.

Bosscha Observatory

Address: FMIPA Institut Teknologi Bandung, Lembang, Bandung 40391, Jawa Barat

Phone: For reservations, call +62-22-2786001

Entrance: $1 (IDR 15,000)

Open hours: Saturdays between 09:00 – 13:00 (visit hours)

2. Go behind the scenes of a traditional orchestra at Saung Angklung Udjo


Promoting itself as a one-stop cultural workshop, Saung Angklung Udjo becomes the perfect destination for any visitors looking for an educational entertainment experience in Bandung. Made of bamboo tubes carved to produce a particular note, the Angklung produces a sound unlike any other musical instrument. It is even considered as a unique identity of the Sundanese culture.

Moreover, you can attend the Angklung making classes and watch how it can go together with a traditional dance and puppet show performance. Udjo Ngalegana, a traditional craftsman, built this wonderful place in 1966 as the means of paying back to the community. All proceeds of Saung Angklung Udjo go for the education of the local students. Most of them are local underprivileged children in the area.

Saung Angklung Udjo

Address: Jl. Padasuka No. 118, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40192

Phone: +62 22 7271714

Entrance: 60.000 IDR / USD$4.4 (weekdays) and 75.000 IDR / USD $5.5 (weekend)

Open hours: 09:00 — 15:30

3. Take a boat ride or cross the Love Bridge at Situ Cileunca


Surrounded by tea plantations, Situ Cileunca (Lake Cileunca) sits on 1500 m above sea level where the air is cool and fresh. In this place, you can take a boat ride around the lake and marvel at the beauty of the landscape.

If you dont like to get too close to the water, you can take a stroll along a bridge across the lake connecting the two villages together. At the beginning, it was constructed to improve trade between the two villages, it has also brought a lot of couples together. Thus, its aptly named Jembatan Cinta (Love Bridge).

Situ Cileunca

Address: Desa Warnasari, Kecamatan Pangalengan, Kabupaten Bandung 40378

Entrance: 10000 IDR (USD 0.80)

4. Art utopia at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space


Established in 1998 by Drs. Sunaryo, the Selasar Sunaryo serves as an art gallery capturing Bandungs creative personality, showcasing works by local artists, including that of Drs. Sunaryo.

Besides the gallery exhibitions, you can attend art gatherings commonly held in the vicinity and occasional classes that are open for public, and usually free of charge. Yet, you have to make sure to check their website for the exact dates and timings of events or special exhibitions.

If you feeling fatigued from walking around the gallery, you can relax and sip some coffee at kopi selasar, while enjoying the view of Dago countryside, for about IDR 50,000 (USD 4).

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Address: Bukit Pakar Timur No.100 Bandung — 40198, West Java, Indonesia

Contact: Ph: (+62) 22 250 7939, Fax: (+62) 22 251

Entrance: Free

Open hours: 10:00-17:00

5. Trace the Roots of Java at the Museum Geologi Bandung


Although often left unnoticed by visitors in Bandung, this museum actually harbors some of Indonesias most prized artifacts with reference to the geological background of the country, such as landform structures to prehistoric beings.

You can see various collection exhibited in this museum including a few of the Homo Erectus, believed to be the early form of todays modern human, a replica of the notorious Tyrannosaurus Rex Osborn, and a showcase of rock minerals you never knew to have contributed so much to our world today.

Museum Geologi Bandung

Address: Jl. Diponegoro No.57, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40122

Phone: +62 22 721822

Entrance: 10,000 IDR (USD 0.80)

Opening hours: Weekdays (09:00-15:30) / Weekends (09:00-13.30) / Closed on Fridays

6. Buy an eco-friendly pair of jeans at Firebolt Clothing


Established in 2001, this store is one-of-a-kind clothing store that should not be mistaken for any other stores out there. Realizing the magnitude of carbon emissions in the farming industry, mainly due to cotton, the founders of Firebolt Clothing then decided to go organic with their clothes.

Becoming a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), their products come from trees fertilized by non-chemical means, not exceeding 30% of what the trees require.

Whats the best part of the jeans, then? These trendy outfits will not rob your wallet. Usually, clothes from this outlet only range from $10-$15 per piece.

Firebolt Clothing

Address: Jl. Prabu Dimuntur No. 4

Phone: + 62 22 87241379

Open hours: 10:00-22:00

7. Take a dip in the healing waters of Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort


After a very long day of exploring the city, you might want to loosen up your sore muscles for another day of sightseeing. Located near volcanoes, natural hot springs have developed fast over the years and have been used by the locals as a relaxation method. There are even spreading beliefs that soaking in the hot springs would beautify your physical appearances, heal rheumatic, muscular and nervous system problems.

Here, you can also choose from five bathing pools. If you arent comfortable bathing in public, you can also rent the private rooms. In fact, other activities are also offered here, you can rent the usual pedal boats for an off-road track.

Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort

Address: Jl. Raya Ciater, Subang, West Java

Phone: + 62 260 471700

Entrance: IDR 30,000 (USD 2)

Open hours: Open 24 hours

Those extraordinary vacation plans in Bandung, West Java will certainly make your holiday long lasting. You can spend a lot of time exploring new adventurous things in Bandung and nearby. You will not get bored spending your vacation in this gorgeous city.