10 Best Destinations in Sulawesi You Must Visit

10 Best Destinations in Sulawesi You Must Visit

Find these 10 best destinations in Sulawesi you must visit. Becoming one of the main islands of Indonesia and a part of Borneo, Sulawesi is a place worth a visit. Its wonderful tourist attractions are ready to please adventure and nature lovers. You can find destination starting from the common one like the cities of Makassar and Manado to remote village with indigenous people like Tana Toraja to a diving paradise like Bunaken.

When you go to Sulawesi, you must bring on your travel mind and camera to blend in the culture and native people. Hence, you can observe and capture the moments while also bringing on your dive suits and trekking gears for the sun, sea, and mountains. All kinds of destinations are available here for you to explore all parts of Sulawesi.

Here are the 10 best destinations in Sulawesi you must visit:

1. Makassar


Makassar, also known as Ujung Pandang becomes your main hub to exploring Sulawesi in the tropical country, Indonesia. Just fly to this largest city of Sulawesi and capital of the south. Besides the common attractions of a city, you can obviously also go to the Losari Beach, Fort Rotterdam, or to nearby Pulau Khayangan and Pulau Samalona by boat. Makassar is also known as the best starting point to go to the renowned Tana Toraja, which is just 300 km away.

2. Tana Toraja (Rantepao)


Traveling to Tana Toraja to see the rare ancient rites and the distinctive of native people of Toraja, you will get impressed to find them nowadays in accessible areas. Most indigenous people live in secluded places deep in the forest. Amazingly, Tana Toraja, has almost unchanged for the last 100 years. With its stunning setting far away from any influences of globalization or tourism, but Tana Toraja is still accessible given some little efforts.

3. Lindu National Park


Situated just right in Palu, you will experience the most incredible journey to get to Lindu National Park. Trailing the path in this park itself is already adventurous and fun, then you can continue going up the mountain in crazy roads. It can even be described as Indiana Jones experience where you can get involved in an adventure of discovering an unexplored jungle which is rich with Indonesian treasures of flora and faunas.

In fact, you may also find butterflies, hornbills, monkeys, snakes and so many wild flowers and plants. Be careful not to touch anything you find on your way since it may be poisonous. Put your own safety first. You should also ask for a guide to accompany you since they know the area very well. They also have good knowledge of the animals and plants you may find there.

4. Tentena


On your way from South Sulawesi to North Sulawesi, Tentena is right in the middle of the place to go to other destinations in Sulawesi. Wonderfully, you can find beautiful white sand and clear blue lake called Pendolo. If you are lucky, you may also catch the Poso festival here held every year in August at the lake. Additionally, there is also a waterfall nearby called Saloupa.

5. Togean Islands/Togian Islands


Togean /Togian Islands are like islands lost in between amidst of everything in Northern Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara) thus coining them as an almost secret treasures of dive destinations. Actually, it invokes thoughts of real independent traveling there and diving in unexplored areas of Sulawesi. One thing for sure is that the clear water is pristine and you will not see many other divers around. Hence, you will feel as if you own this spot for yourself to enjoy your most amazing moment. Amazingly, there are around 3 diving spots among all the 56 islands. Just imagine that all the places are untouched, no human beings are around. You can just come here to dive, dive and dive but of course it can possibly be also for just a retreat.

6. Tomohon


Tomohon is the right place to get into the rough and feel of rural highlands, with vast areas spreading out to the horizon that will certainly boost rejuvenating relaxation. You can experience the atmosphere of local market scene here and the handicraft village for its architectures. For nature lovers and trekkers, there is Mount Mahawu Volcano for trekking. Along the way, you can enjoy the breathtaking view as the background.

7. Tangkoko National Park


Tangkoko Nature Park is actually a reservation with 9,000 acres areas. This is a home to a lot of rare wildlife like Tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world, and also the Black Crested Macaque which can only be found in North Sulawesi. Hence, scientists will find this place as a paradise keeping a lot of treasures to learn and observe.

8. Manado


You can fly to Manado to access anywhere around North Sulawesi that is touted to be untouched and pristine beauty. Before heading out to see the rest of North Sulawesi, you may also go around sightseeing the temples, interesting bustling Airmadidi market or beautiful serene Lake Tondano first.

With those incredible destinations, you can take as many pictures as you want to post on your social media. Your friends will definitely envy you to be able to have such great pictures. Moreover, Manado is also rich in culinary. You can spoil your taste buds by trying the traditional delicious food of Manado such as Manado porridge. It is made of rice combined with various vegetables, chicken, or meat. It is very suitable to enjoy it for your nutritious breakfast.

9. Bunaken


Who doesn’t know Bunaken? Bunaken is a haven for diving and snorkeling, as it boasts a rich marine life in its Marine National Park. Furthermore, it has an amazing diverse marine life such as 70 different corals, five species of sea turtles, many fish species and even white tip and black tip reef sharks, the almost extinct dugongs, barracuda and even saltwater crocodiles. Wow, all animals found at the same place.

10. Bitung (Lembeh Strait)


It is certainly another divers paradise that is famous as the best place for muck diving for critters and the beauty of unknowns. There is also a cool wreck diving here for you who want to experience more challenges when diving.

Those 10 best destinations in Sulawesi you must visit are only some among other great destinations existing there. It proves that Sulawesi is as beautiful as Bali. Come here to witness yourself.

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