10 Best Destinations in Maluku You Must See (Part 1)

10 Best Destinations in Maluku You Must See (Part 1)

These 10 best destinations in Maluku that you must see are only some of the treasures well-kept in Maluku. Some of the extraordinary tourist destinations are waiting for visitors to visit Maluku Islands. Tourists will find that the best of Maluku’s destinations include world-class scuba diving and coral gardens around Banda Islands, breathtaking white sandy beaches at Ohoidertawun and Pasir Panjang, and some very sleepy villages on the Lease Islands and around Seram Island.

Ternate Island becomes one of a series of volcanic islands situated just off the westerly shore of Halmahera Island becoming one of the most densely populated of Maluku Islands. Close to Ternate, Tidore Island offers a refreshing fun holiday alternative and a quieter set of tourist attractions becoming the principal producer of spices. Next, you can also find numerous tourist destinations in Banda Islands, Kei Islands, Pulau Ambon, Pulau Bacan and the Tanimbars.

Among them, here are the 10 best destinations in Maluku you must see:

1. Ambon Island


As a big city situated on Ambon Island, with a population approximately 400,000 people, Ambon is the capital of Maluku. Here, you can enjoy a beautiful mountainous background, stunning bay sights, and coastal scenery. Needless to worry, you can spend days here without getting bored since there are plenty tourist attractions that you can explore.

They include the contemporary Al-Fatah Grand Mosque, Victoria Fortress (a historic Dutch fortress), Pattimura Memorial, Martha Christina Tiahahu statue, and both Francis Xavier Cathedral and Marantha Cathedral. In the southerly suburbs of Ambon, you will find Siwa Lima Museum and the charming bay-side suburb of Amahusa. Meanwhile, in the north are the Commonwealth Graves and the Taman Makam Pahlawan Indonesia (Heroes Cemetery). Moreover, there are some wonderful scuba diving opportunities around Ambon, particularly at nearby Leitimur. If you are beach-goers, go ahead to Eastern Leihitu and relax on its non-commercialized sandy beaches. Hence, you can enjoy your private moment in secluded island.

2. Lease Islands


Lease Islands are easily accessible featuring very beautiful bays where endless snorkeling opportunities present themselves. On the island of Saparua, the village of Kota Saparua becomes the central village where the 17th-century Benteng Duurstede fortress situated. Nearby is a charming beach and a small museum with information about the uprising of 1817 that was led by Thomas Matulessy (nicknamed ‘Pattimura’). Pattimura is one of Indonesian national heroes fighting for Indonesia during the colonization.

There are some interesting traditional thatched ‘meeting places’ (baileu) in south-eastern Saparua, as well as an imposing Protestant church and a number of pottery workshops. Day trips to Haruku Island are very popular with attractions on this neighboring island being centered around the village of Haruku. There are also Cakalele Monument, New Hoorn Fort and the tranquil Lyanaen Beach.

3. Pulau Seram (Seram Island)


Pulau Seram is another remarkable part of the archipelago. Masohi city serves as the capital of Central Maluku and the home of the Sangar Budaya Seram Museum. In northern Seram is the beautiful bay known as Teluk Sawai serving as a major attraction in its own right. It has such a beautiful background of tall cliffs. Then, nearby Ora Beach are stilt bungalows. Meanwhile, you can also visit other destinations in Seram Island such as Amahai, Namano and the Manusela National Park.

4. Banda Islands


Banda Islands is a small group of ten gorgeous islands holding great appeal for travellers. Indeed, Banda Islands is rich in tempting tourist destinations. A lot of tourists come here for snorkeling and scuba diving. The colorful underwater coral gardens certainly deserve the praise for its notable reputation in Maluku, around Hatta Island, Ai Island, Rhun (Run) and Big Banda Island (the largest of these islands).

Besides the underwater beauty, Banda Islands also has some wonderful beaches. You should consider those on the southerly shore of Big Banda Island (including Lonthoir), as well as the pristine stretches of fine white sand on Ai Island, Neilaka Island and on the northerly coast of Hatta Island. On Bandaneira Island, the town of Bandaneira has long been the leading port for Banda Islands containing some good attractions, such as Belgica Fortress and Nassau Fortress, as well as some very reasonable snorkeling next to Tanah Rata village.

5. Kei Islands (Kai Islands)


So many travelers choose to base themselves on Kei Islands for the endless stretches of white sandy beaches and the beautiful view as far as the horizon. However, this destination is somewhat underrated and often overlooked because there are more touristy Indonesian resorts. You can actually find resorts with the best facilities in the neighboring twin towns of Langgur and Tual. Although neither of them offers many attractions, you can still enjoy Tual’s characterful Kyonbawa quarter and the tall Un Tower.

You should also visit Bukit Kei Kecil on Kei Kecil Island, where an enormous statue of Christ has become an important sight of pilgrimage, especially during the Easter celebrations. Nearby, the village of Ohoidertawun features a scenic bay and some intriguing ancient rock carvings and paintings (petroglyphs), with unknown origins. Most of all, the 3 km/2 mile Pasir Panjang beach is almost legendary. The beaches on Pulau Kei Besar really are extremely photogenic, with further outlying beaches (such as those of Pulau Kelapa). Being just a short motor-canoe trip away, from Kei Besar’s village port of Elat, Pulau Kei Besar will spoil you to get the most beautiful photos to post on your social media.

This part one of 10 best destinations in Maluku you must see only shows you some parts of Maluku. You should read the following part of the article to reveal more amazing destinations to find out more exciting places to visit in Maluku.


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