10 Popular Tourist Destinations in Malang, East Java

10 Popular Tourist Destinations in Malang, East Java

Although not as big and crowd as Jakarta and Surabaya, Malang also has 10 popular tourist destinations. Known as the apple city, Malang has cool atmosphere which becomes a wonderful destination for family holiday as there are many attractive places offering exciting experiences to memorize in your entire life.

10 Popular Tourist Destinations in Malang

Mostly surrounded by mountains and hills that make the air cool and green scenery as far as the eyes can see, Malang has fresh and comfortable atmosphere to spend your holiday out of the polluted big cities.

Here are the 10 popular destinations in Malang you should visit with your beloved friends and family.

1. Secret Zoo


Here, you can experience watching animals that perhaps you cannot find in other zoos in Indonesia. Visitors can see various collections of animals that are placed in glass cage surrounded with cliffy rock. This interesting concept can certainly attract children and parents. Hence, they can teach their kids about the animals in a fun way. Fun learning will make them more enthusiastic and excited to learn more and more.

2. Batu Night Spectacular


Located in Batu district, Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) is one of the most popular recreational destinations in Malang, particularly at night. In this place, visitors can enjoy the beauty of night view in Malang with its various beautifully decorated lights. Besides that, you can enjoy various challenging rides. In fact, there is also a night market where you can buy unique handicrafts of Malang. You havent visited Malang if you dont go to this place. So, dont miss it.

3. Balekambang Beach


Well, if you want to experience Bali’s atmosphere in Surabaya, just directly go to Balekambang beach. Based on its contour and shape, Balekambang Beach has similar shape with Tanah Lot beach in Bali, particularly with the existence of the temple above the rock in the middle of the sea. Located in the southern part of Malang, Balekambang beach is one of popular places for the local people to relax and rejuvenate their mind.

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4. Si Pelot Beach

si-pelot-beach-malangAlthough not many people know this place, if you are for beach lovers you must visit this beach. Located in Pujiharjo village, the beach looks extremely gorgeous with its brownish sand and blue clear seawater. However, you should be careful when swimming in this beach since it also has quite strong waves. If you cannot swim in the sea, dont worry, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of Si pelot waterfall. You must take a lot of pictures of you and your beloved ones with the breathtaking background of the waterfall. Dont forget to post it on your social media account.

5. Sumber Pitu Waterfall


Located in Duwet Krajan village, this place will definitely allow you to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of seven waterfalls — yes, seven — all at once. According to a legend, the waterfalls have supernatural power. They are very sacred for the local people.

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6. Jatim Park


Jawa Timur Park, usually known as Jatim Park is a popular themed park in Malang offering various rides and many other entertainments such as pools, science stadium, 3D theatre, Go kart area, and more. Located in the center of Malang, Jatim Park becomes a great place for children to play and learn.

7. Eco Green Park


Eco green park was intentionally built as education facility for children. Therefore, Eco green park is loaded with a lot of educational values so that they can learn about various things in this place. You can take all of your family to this place during the holiday. I am sure that all of you will spend great times in the mini zoo, jungle adventures, geology science center, animal farm, duck kingdom, eco science center, and a lot more. So, plan a visit to this park as soon as possible.

8. Angkut Museum


Angkut means transportation in Javanese. Angkut museum is the best tourist destination where you can learn about the history of different kinds of transportation and the development around the globe. A lot of collections of transportation types, divided by 10 different country zones, are exhibited in this museum. You and your children will obviously spend a lot of time to discover great stories of the vehicles. It will be a treasure hunt adventure if you are into automotive.

9. Coban Pelangi


Coban Pelangi, known as Rainbow Waterfall is the next in these 10 lists of popular tourist destinations in Malang. This natural attraction has interesting scenery where visitors can see rainbow amidst the waterfall even when there is no rain. The 30-meter high waterfall is totally perfect for relaxing. You can splash your body in the water or simply enjoy the scenery from the huts.

10. Coban Rondo


Coban rondo is another stunning waterfall located in Pandansari village. This waterfall is like a hidden beautiful paradise. If you want to reach this place, you have to drive for about 12 km from Batu district, walk down the stairs, and enjoy the cool, green, and relaxing atmosphere of the waterfall.

Indeed, there is no doubt that Malang offers various popular tourist destinations because this city has so many things to enjoy starting from entertainment themed park, educational places, museums, and other natural attractions that will color your holiday in East Java, Indonesia. You surely wont get bored exploring Malang on your holiday. Plan a visit, book a hotel, and prepare the money to have fun with your family.

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