10 Romantic Plans in Bali as Honeymoon Destination

10 Romantic Plans in Bali as Honeymoon Destination

These 10 romantic plans in Bali as honeymoon destination will surely indulge the newlyweds. Indeed, Bali is the most beautiful and most romantic place that offers diverse facilities for indulging any couples, especially those newlyweds. 

You can spend your intimate time by the gorgeous beaches, have a walk on rice terraces, or just adore the breathtaking views of the mountain in Bali. No wonder that bunch of couples choose Bali as the first place to spend in beginning their new journey as a husband and wife. Although not only the newlyweds prefer Bali, but other married couples who want to rejuvenate their relationship to strengthen their bond.

Although youve been too busy to prepare your wedding as it is the biggest thing to hold in your entire life, you may neglect your honeymoon plans. Needless to worry then, there are plenty romantic things to do in Bali that will make your honeymoon become unforgettable.

Here are the 10 romantic plans in Bali as honeymoon destination to serve both of you to get the most of your delights:

1. Balinese Massage and Spa


After getting tired with all of your wedding stuff, you can relax yourself and your new hubby or wife with the most relaxing Balinese massage. After that, indulge both of you with 1 hour spa treatment to smoothen your whole body. Meanwhile, you can inhale the aromatherapy fragrance to boost your mood to spend the most romantic honeymoon ever.

2. Have romantic dinners


You would be very excited to experience some of these romantic dinner plans. You can enjoy your dinner under the moonlight, by the beach, or candlelight dinner in restaurants beside a pond and uncovered beautiful starlit sky. Hence, you may try the Jimbaran seafood dinner by the seaside or the SeaSalt restaurant dinner set by the floating lotus pond. The romantic atmosphere will certainly make both of you feel in love to each other again.

3. Cruise the crystal sea of Bali


As touristy as it sounds, a romantic cruise is still perfect for one of honeymoon plans. You can sail out into the crystal clear sea with clear blue sky while visiting some remote islands. After that, you can have a beautiful sunset dinner on the cruise before heading back home in the dark cuddling together while adoring the starlit sky above.

4. Soak in natural hot springs


Next, you can indulge yourself once again by soaking in Banjar natural hot spring. The scenic background here offers two main pool of gushing warm sulphurous water from the mouths of dragon (the locals call it Naga) in the middle of a swanky tropical garden. You and your spouse will feel as if transcend back in time and transform as a King and a Queen who are enjoying their afternoon bath. Marvelous, isnt it?

5. Appeal your senses at Coffee Plantation


It is time to appeal your other senses by going to the Agra coffee plantation to do some coffee tasting. This zen-like place is available for you to sit comfortably and gently appreciate your cup of coffee together while overseeing coffee plantations rolling out as far as the eye can see. In fact, you can also see the process of how the famous and expensive Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee is processed. You can even see the civets themselves. If both of you are coffee lovers, this place would certainly be a plus to appreciate good coffee together.

6. Trekking the rice terraces


Besides all the lovely indulgence, both of you can set out to do some light trekking together through the paddy fields, villages and plantation towards Tirta Gangga to enjoy the dramatic view. Tirta Gangga means water of Ganges that is a sacred water palace built back in early 20th century. Although this light yet intriguing trek offers rolling hills of rice terraces, dramatic limestone stands there as solid backdrop and water features cut through the scene.

7. Explore Bali on a bicycle


Another simple yet intimate activity to enjoy together is taking a leisure bicycle ride out to explore Bali. Both of you can just take the ride through silent villages of Bongkasa or the rice fields, plantations and small village streets. Well, you can actually just put aside the map and get lost together. It will surely be a good partnership bonding to explore Bali together and let serendipity takes its magic.

8. Frolic in the beach


If you just want to have fun together, go to any beautiful beaches in Bali and just frolic together under the sun and get sun tanned. You can choose from the 10 best beaches in Bali or if you want to have more privacy, you need to venture further out to secluded beaches like Nyang Nyang beach in Bali. Though it is indeed much harder to get to, the privacy does worth it, especially for honeymooners.

9. Cook some tasty Balinese food for each other


Both of you can just take up one of the many cooking lessons in Bali and make each other sincerely genuine Balinese food. Some cooking classes will have you visiting traditional food market to learn more about the ingredients before actually learning how to cook them. After that, you can sit down and find out who is better at cooking for the rest of your lives. You can call it as cooking with love.

10. Enjoy some of Bali’s tourist attractions


There are a bunch of tourist destinations in Bali and after all, both of you decide to stay here for an intimate holiday, it would not be wholly complete without visiting some of the important sites. Check out the list of Top 10 Must Visit Places in Bali for you to choose from and you can both decide which ones you may get attracted. If both of you respect the Balinese temples, you can check out the list of Top 10 Balis Great Temples. Enjoy some touring before leaving Bali.

You should realize that you do not need to take up any Bali honeymoon packages just for ultimate happily ever after experience. The most important of all is just the two of you appreciating happiness together. It will be a lot of fun to just customize everything together and enjoy a free and easy honeymoon giving more room for true romance and serendipity. Just go to Bali for honeymoon and experience all the genuine romance together. Those 10 romantic plans in Bali as honeymoon destination will obviously make your intimate moments become so much more fruitful.

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