5 Fun Things to Do in Canggu, Bali

5 Fun Things to Do in Canggu, Bali

Find out these 5 fun things to do in Canggu, Bali. Backpackers are looking forward to party flock to Kuta to spend a hazy night gouging themselves at Sky Garden. Yogis may want to experience the true eat, pray, love to find themselves physically and spiritually in Ubud. There are actually other things you can do in Canggu, Bali.

Canggu is strikingly a beautiful spot for those wishing to escape the cluster of neighboring Seminyak and Kuta. This place is full of cute cafes, fun bars, trendy shops, and decent surfing waves. However, you can feel much mellower atmosphere in Canggu as it is dotted with lush, green rice patties, along cobblestone roads filled with surfers on scooters. It has a small town special impression with all the luxurious facilities.

Heres are the 5 things to do in Canggu during your holiday in Bali:

1. Eat local healthy food around Canggu

Good coffee and brightly beautiful nalu bowls (Balis answer to acai bowls) are very good reasons to make your way directly to Canggu. Similar with many other places in Bali, there are plenty of affordable healthy foods you can find in Canggu. In fact, it is probably one of the easiest places to be vegan throughout all of Asia. Some of the favorite hangout spots include Crate for nalu bowls, quinoa salads and peanut butter shakes from Peloton, a matcha green tea latte and sweet potato toast from Avocado Cafe, and poke bowls with large chunks of freshly caught tuna at Poke Poke.

However, if you are looking for something more local and traditional, there are plenty of Warungs (local food stalls) including some travelers favorite, Warung Heboh where everything is served in buffet style and you pay by item rather than weight. It means that you can pile heaps on for a cheap and filling meal. You can just name almost everything here like coffee, desserts, avocado toast at Crate, smoothies, juices, and salad in Canggu, Bali.

2. Party, drink and live band in Canggu

Despite Canggu’s nightlife that may be a bit more subdued than in any other parts of Bali, you can still spend a great out and get up early to surf. It surely depends on how many Bintang beers you have had the night before. One of the most favorite places to drink is Pretty Poison in Canggu. It is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday where you can find an emptied out swimming pool in the back where a bunch of skaters show off their skills to an adoring and attractive crowd sipping on their beers and cocktails.

You must also visit Old Man’s Beach that turns into a party after dark, live rock band included on Friday nights, and Deus, a restaurant/bar/motorcycle shop with a very spacious backyard that gets filled to the brim on Sundays as visitors sway to the live reggae band. Furthermore, there are also free tacos and tattoos on Tuesday. For a fun day party, Finns Beach Club provides a trendy and affordable alternative to the more popular Potato Head Beach Club. Meanwhile, the Lawn by Old Mans Beach is a cheap great place to curl up on a bean bag while watching the beautiful sea and sunset in the evening. Do not forget to buy a beer while chatting with the friendly staffs that occasionally break out their guitars to serenade lucky guests.

3. Chill with spa and massages at Canggu

If you are still feeling tense or just simply looking for something to pamper yourself, there are obviously some good places for massages, facials, and other spa treatments in Canggu. Although prices may vary here, Goldust becomes a popular spot that becomes highly recommended. However, it is a bit pricier than other places in Canggu, the bit of extra cash you spend goes a long way in terms of luxury you may experience there. Well, it is always great to treat yourself, especially during your holiday.

4. Shopping at markets in Canggu

Are you looking for something unique and fashionable from Bali to take home? Well, Canggu has a decent amount of boutiques and markets filled with trendy goodies. Old Mans Market that usually takes place on the last Saturday of every month becomes a top hit among fashionistas. There is also a Sunday market by Peoples Café where you can find clothes and jewelry made by local artists. Plus, nothing is much better than bringing home a bathing suit, the perfect souvenir to remember your wonderful time in Bali.

5. Surf at the trendiest spot in Canggu

Unquestionably, fun trip to Canggu would be incomplete without surfing. Although Canggu is transforming into a trendy spot among beautiful sun seekers, it is obviously the first and foremost town for surfers. You can take a cheap lesson or rent boards in various sizes just right by the beach and wait for the right waves. The best surf spot for beginners would be Old Mans beach, while Echo Beach and Berawa are also pleasant for more experienced surfers. While its not exactly empty, the water is not as crowded as other neighboring areas.

All the 5 fun things to do in Canggu, Bali are only some of all great things you can actually find and do there. With all its flourishing popularity, new hot spots for eating, partying, drinking, shopping and massaging are likely to pop-up in this little bite of heaven on earth. Do you have more experiences during your stay in Canggu, Bali? Please, share your experiences.

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