5 Glamping Spots Around Bandung

5 Glamping Spots Around Bandung

Find these 5 Glamping spots around Bandung. However, have you ever heard about Glamping? What is it exactly? Glamping is contracted from glamor camping. Obviously, this is a brand new way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing the luxury and comfort of modern life. No doubt that the latest trend will spread faster than wildfire across the globe in this social media era. Hence, Glamping has gained its widespread popularity among travellers as well. For sure, Glamping could be a very fun experience for everyone, not only for nature lovers or backpackers.

This is a great new way of camping amidst the nature that does not involve the tiring task of pitching tents, enormous backpacks filled with sleeping bags and any outdoor tools or attempts at making a fire by rubbing sticks together like the traditional camping. Nowadays, a lot of glamping resorts offer comfortable rooms in the shapes of tents just right in the middle of nature, some are even equipped with air conditioners, comfortable beds, kitchenware, and others. It is camping without any difficulties or stress, camping in luxury, thus people call it as glamor camping.

Needless to worry, Indonesia does not fall behind on this global trend as West Java’s Bandung offers some of the nation’s best glamping sites within and around the city. Instead of staying at a plain old hotel, you should check out one of these best glamping locations in Bandung.

Here are the best 5 glamping spots around Bandung:

1. The Lodge Maribaya

If you want to try a more classic yet luxurious camping experience, just come to The Lodge Maribaya and spend the night in one of its cute pumpkin-shaped permanently pitched tents. To ensure the visitors comfort, every tent is equipped with two foam mattresses, a trip-protected power supply, internal light, power socket and cooling fan to ensure a sound night’s sleep and a pleasant stay.

Besides that, this site also has a lot of exciting things to explore during your visit, such as trekking through the forest, camping, flying fox and other fun-tastic activities. If you have time to venture out of the camp site for a bit, only some 5 km away from the spectacular Maribaya waterfalls.

More information: http://thelodgemaribaya.com

2. Dusun Bambu

Aiming to be the #1 eco-tourism spot in West Java, Dusun Bambu becomes the perfect place for those desiring to mingle with nature, but in style. Dusun Bambu is an eco-park synchronizing both traditional culture and modern sustainable living in a vast green spread of shady trees, refreshing lake, and fields of grass.

As an eco-tourism complex that includes a luxury camping ground, therefore, this is perfect for families or groups wishing for a luxurious adventure in nature. Do you want to fancy yourself as a bird? You should then try dining in one of Dusun Bambu’s iconic Lutung Kasarung birdcages that seem to float in the air. This exceptional way of dining will not only be an unforgettable experience, but a perfect moment to post your great selfies on your social media.

More information: http://dusunbambu.com

3. Legok Kondang Lodge

Located in Ciwidey area to the south of Bandung, Legok Kondang Lodge has more than 20 tents available that can hold four to 10 people per tent. Furthermore, each area of the tents has different views, such as the hill, fish pond, garden, and beautiful sunrise. If you are unable to let go off technology during your natural vacation, do not worry as this place is complete with cable TV. Therefore, it’s like staying in a splendid hotel shaped like a tent.

Yet, who will want to watch TV when there are so many other fun things to do? Amazingly, you can go trekking, strawberry picking, rafting or taking a moment to drift away from the site to visit the nearby volcanic crater known as Kawah Putih. At night, you can try roasting a few marshmallows in the available campfire while enjoying stargazing. Whether glamor or not, there must be a campfire to enlighten your fascinating nights.

More information: http://www.legok-kondang.com/

4. Trizara Resort

This is certainly the ultimate place for luxurious camping and getting immersed with nature without any discomfort. This site surely offers the experience of camping without having to rough it out, as the resort’s web describes. Amazingly, this is truly a place where you can camp in glamor.

The resort does offer a bunch of fun-tastic activities to do during your stay, such as morning yoga, classic bonfires, evening barbeques, outbound games for groups, board games, zumba, boxing and many others. Yet, be aware that there is no TV available in the rooms so that you will have no other choice than to bond with whoever you come to this resort. Could you find any better way to bond with your loved ones?

More information: http://www.trizara.com/

5. Grafika Cikole

Indeed, camping at Grafika Cikole becomes the best you could get to an authentic and classic camping experience while maintaining all the comfort of modern facilities. There are two types of camping locations available, one for huge groups, such as office outings, workshops, and another for families.

Also, various fun outdoor activities are also available, from flying fox to paintball. Furthermore, all tents here are equipped with sleeping bags, electricity, firewood and corn. Yes, corn ready for you to roast on the fire. So authentic, isnt it? Unfortunately, there are no private toilets, but clean toilets are available nearby the camping site. Thus, this is the closest to a genuine classic camping experience.

More information: http://grafikacikole.com/

Visit one of 5 glamping spots around Bandung to get yourself closer to nature with a lot of fun. You can get the best of modern comfort and natural beauty. Hence, you can bond with your beloved ones much closer than you ever thought before. Share with us if you do have any other experiences in your comments.

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