5 Interesting Handicraft Shopping Places in Yogyakarta (2)

5 Interesting Handicraft Shopping Places in Yogyakarta (2)

Explore further on 5 interesting handicraft shopping places in Yogyakarta. As a little city famous for its gorgeous traditions complete with amazing traditional handicrafts, Yogyakarta always charms any visitors. In fact, visitors may find it as a shopping haven. It has a lot of shopping destinations offering unique souvenirs to bring back home for private collection or hand gifts for your beloved ones.

Here is the following part of 5 interesting handicrafts shopping places in Yogyakarta:

4. Batik Beringharjo

Address: Jl. Pabringan 1, Phone number: +62 274 515871, +62 274 561510

Beringharjo becomes the largest traditional marketplace that is simply worth a visit while staying in Yogyakarta. Historically, the name Beringharjo was given by the late Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII. Bering comes from the origin of its place which was at first a banyan (Beringin) forest, while Harjo expresses the hope of the locals that this place will bring prosperity to the people. You can easily find the main entrance of Beringharjo Market on the west side directly facing Malioboro Street.

On the entrance gate, visitors can directly read the name Beringharjo Market, PASAR BERINGHARJO, written in roman and Javanese letters. Furthermore, vendors here sell goods ranging from daily basic needs (meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices) to various kinds of handicraft such as batik, souvenirs, toys, and artworks. More importantly, visitors are highly encouraged to bargain to get the best deals.

The building is divided into some different zones. On the first level, you will see the north side entrance, with its western side are vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and delicious traditional delicacies. Then, the rest of the market offers a wide range of good quality batiks at very reasonable prices so perfect for souvenirs. On the next floor are a number of shops selling traditional Javanese and Chinese herbs and spices, such as tamarind, temulawak, ginger, cinnamon and much more.

How to get there:

This market is located right in the heart of Yogyakarta easily accessible by all kinds of transportation. Therefore, you can choose some public transports directly from Adisucipto Airport. Kindly take Trans Jogja Bus line 3A or 3B, stop in front of Yogykartas governor office. Then, continue walking for about 100 meters, along the same road and finally you can find Beringharjo market at almost the end of the street.

5. Traditional Cement Tiles of Tegel Kunci

Nowadays, vintage items for home and interior decoration have once again gained its popularity. This local cement tile factory has historical roots going far back to 1927. In 2013, the company revived into popularity from word to word. They also add more specialized custom-made productions, a tile at a time. Cement tiles have been famous for a long time for its longlasting durability. It serves to give a special style and a sense of a space.

Today, people use cement tiles with vivid colors and motifs as accents and highlights to a specific room. Whether it is established on the wall alongside state of the art stainless steel kitchens or on the floor bordering your favorite lounge, these tiles are adaptable to combine with modern style architecture. The tiles are made and colored piece by piece to suit your custom order.

How to get there:

You can visit their address at Jl. Pakuningratan No.70, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis. Phone: +62 274 — 512707 Fax: +62 274 — 517505. To get a quick preview, you can also visit their website at www.tegelkunci.com

Those are all the 5 interesting handicraft shopping places in Yogyakarta that are certainly worth a visit. There is actually so much more that you can experience in Yogyakarta in addition to its artistic handicraft and interesting culture. Thus, visit the Keraton or Royal Palace, and then have a feast on local delicacies at Alun Alun (Yogyakartas square) right in front of the palace. Most of all, you can walk around and climb the steps of the ancient Borobudur temple to watch a magical sunrise. Come and enjoy the enthralling traditional Ramayana dance drama on the huge stage with the background of graceful Prambanan temple under the full moon. For sure, Yogyakarta will enchant you with its majestic beauty. So, pay a visit here on your holiday.

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