Awesome Indonesian Treasures of Bogor, West Java

Awesome Indonesian Treasures of Bogor, West Java

Let’s reveal the awesome Indonesian treasures of Bogor, West Java. Bogor is actually just an ordinary little town located somewhere on a highland (290 m above the sea level). However, it is not quite far and just about an hour drive away from the main city Jakarta. Used to be the capital of Indonesia during the Dutch colonization, Bogor is now a popular place for the Jakarta elites to have a summer home or a cooling hideaway from the bustling city of Jakarta. It is located in West Java, Indonesia, about 60 km south of Jakarta.

Reasons to Go to Bogor

Bogor is the right answer to escape from Jakarta for a day or as a weekend getaway. With its cool surrounding mountain area with beautiful flowers and happy animals, it always attracts the naturalists while entertaining the young and restless.

Best Time to Go to Bogor

Generally, it is great to go there all year round. However, being famous as Kota Hujan (rain city), it makes the city tend to rain in the evening with overcast clouds threatening most of the times. If you are here during the rainy season, usually from October to February, try to rearrange your outings and start from early morning.

Main Tourist Attractions of Bogor

1. Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor)

Being a reminiscence of the era of grand gardens of the riches, you will find beautiful flowers, well-tended gardens, fountains, pond dotted with water lilies and orchid garden in a glass house. You can stroll around the open areas or twisted trails. Furthermore, you can even walk across lanes bordered by tall fern trees and colorful flower-filled bushes. If you are lucky, you may even see the worldly famous Bunga Raksasa (giant flower) in its full bloom.

2. Presidential Palace

Located just at northwest of Botanical Gardens, this Presidential Palace is truly a grand palace standing tall amidst a beautiful lawn. It used to be the summer residence of the Governor of Java and now it becomes one of Indonesias Presidents summer house. It is famous for the 250 deer grazing its lawn and you find them within the Gardens.

Interesting Things to Do in Bogor

After a walk in the Botanical Garden, you can walk around this little town reflecting its old golden days.

Culinary Delights of Bogor

Cimory Restaurant

Here, you can eat the local delicacies which are pickles (asinan) and grilled bean sprouts (tauge goreng). While enjoying the delicious traditional food, you can just relax overlooking the breathtaking hills. Dont forget to try their yogurt drink made of fresh milk from the farm.


Amazingly, there are various places to stay here in Bogor since this place is a popular destination for weekend getaways and traveling for the locals as well. You can find from budget to mid-range and to high end hostels, guesthouses, and hotels here. Moreover, popular hotels here are in the mid-range with good value such as Santika Hotel or Hotel Salak the Heritage.


Firstly, all you need to do is flying to Jakarta, the nearest airport to Bogor, and then you can easily make you way there via these transports:

By car 

It is the easiest way to get here and also to go to nearby places. Hence, you can rent a car with a driver if you come in a group and can afford to spare. It will take about 1-2 hours drive to get there depending on the traffic. You should try avoiding peak hours in the morning (6 am — 10 am) and (4 pm — 7 pm) in the evening.

By train

You can directly take the local commuter train from almost any stations to reach Bogor.

By bus

You can catch a bus at either Lebak Bulus, Kampung Rambutan, or Kali Deres bus terminal to Bogor. Similarly, it will take about 1 — 2 hours depending on the traffic. There are two types of buses, Executive (with air condition) and Economy.

By angkot

This is the most favorite means of transportation for the locals, being the cheapest and also better in twisting around the jams. These minibuses will take you there in the maximum priced of IDR 5,000. Firstly, you just need to catch an angkot from Kampung Rambutan (bus station) and ask to take you to Cisalak. At Cisalak, you only have to switch and find another angkot to take you all the way to Bogor.

Local Transportation

You can walk around this town especially on pedestrian friendly paths such as along the rivers.

Meanwhile, to get a faster access, flag down angkot (minibus) and get it on to cover the area. Bear in mind, the traffic is also heavy here. Just pay IDR 3,000 when you hop off anywhere you want. Watch out for your belongings when squeezing into the angkot.

Nearby Destinations

Taman Safari

It is well worth to bring all your family here. This place will be a true paradise especially for kids. It ranges from a ride through the safari where animals dwell in free range, baby zoo for more intimate view and take candid pictures if you like, bird-park hosting many wild birds, and even some zoo-like enclosed animal. Fortunately, the animals here are very well taken care of and this place is well maintained as well.


Just go up even much higher to the highlands to overlook the tea plantations and enjoy the cool breeze.

Travel Tips

Don’t forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella since Bogor is called as the rain city for a reason.

They are all awesome Indonesian treasures of Bogor, West Java that you can enjoy as the nearest getaway from the bustling Jakarta. Surely, you can get a relaxing weekend that is easy and relatively cheap, of course. Please, share with us if you have other experiences.

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