Best Destinations in Semarang You Must Visit

Best Destinations in Semarang You Must Visit

Let’s reveal all best destinations in Semarang you must visit on your holiday. Around Semarang are interesting destinations and tourist attractions accessible for all ages. However, most tourists tend to go head straight for the beaches of Semarang, with the sandy attractions of Kartini Beach and Martina Beach being exclusively popular among travelers.

Furthermore, if you are planning a family holiday in Semarang and you are looking for something different from the beaches, then you will find out that the best tourist attractions are much more likely to be Semarangs plentiful theme parks. Yes, Semarang does have some wonderful theme parks intending to offer diverse family adventures. No wonder that most theme parks available in Semarang feature almost everything that it can offer, from water slides and swimming pools, to playgrounds and live entertainment. You can spend a whole day in just one theme park. Therefore, it is suitable to go there for a family weekend.

Here are the best destinations in Semarang you must visit on your holiday:

1. Simpang Lima


Simpang Lima is a park-like attraction in the heart of the city that is famous for its endless shopping malls, restaurants and modern cinema complexes. The name of ‘Simpang Lima’ literally translates as ‘five intersections’ of this area making it the center of various vendors. Other highlights available here include endless food stalls selling a host of traditional Indonesian dishes at rock-bottom prices. If you wish to experience the real hustle and bustle of everyday life in Semarang, this is certainly the place to hang out, with Simpang Lima remaining busy well into the evening.


Open hours: daily – until late

Admission: free

2. Beaches


Endowed with a privileged setting on the northern shoreline of Central Java, Semarang fortunately has a number of beaches available for sun-seeking holiday makers. Marina Beach is among the best lying on the northerly side of the city, where it offers various sports. Here, you can do volleyball, pleasure boats and water skiing, as well as some good scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Next is Kartini Beach that also becomes very much notable. It is actually located just 1 km/0.5 miles from the shore, on the neighboring island on Panjang, that is just a short boat trip away. You can easily reach Kartini Beach considering that it is a part of the north-easterly town of Jepara. This beach is also a good spot for either a paddle or a swim.


Open hours: daily – 24 hours

Admission: free

3. Blenduk Church (Gereja Blenduk)


From a distant, the crowning dome and towers of the graceful Gereja Blenduk are clearly noticeable. This beautiful Protestant church was fully completed in the middle of the 18th century and it remains in an excellent state of repair due to constant maintenance. Gracefully designed with traditional Dutch architecture and some regular church services, Gereja Blenduk is situated within the Old City (Outstadt) area of Semarang. Until now, it remains the most historical church in the whole of Central Java.


Address: Jalan Jenderal Suprapto 32, Semarang, Indonesia

Open hours: daily

Admission: free

4. Semarang Harbor


Always becoming a pleasant and lively part of the city to hang out, Semarang Harbor is such a good place to sit back and watch the comings and goings of a variety of different ocean-going boats and sailing vessels. The harbour’s busy Tambak Lorok docksides are regularly visited by traditional two-masted Indonesian sailing ships, which are known locally as ‘Pinisi’ boats. They truly are quite an impressive sight that many tourists choose to capture on camera. This is an international harbor of reputable standing offering pleasant views of the Tanjung Mas area.


Open hours: daily – 24 hours

Admission: free

5. Amusement Parks/Theme Parks


A lot of families often choose to spend their holiday in Semarang, due to its surprisingly great number of theme park attractions. You can choose so many attractions ranging from pools with fast water slides, to playgrounds, animal shows and even traditional performances of people puppetry theatre (wayang orang), Javanese folk theatre (ketoprak) and Indonesian shadow puppetry (wayang kulit). Some of the most popular ones include the following:


  • Lele Park (Kampoeng Wisata): A playground that is full of attractions for children, with various performances and art shows, in Kecamatan Tugu area of the city.
  • Ngaliyan Tirta Indah: A sports center with pool and flower gardens, on Jalan Raya Ngaliyan


  • Puri Maerakoco Theme Park (Taman Mini Jawa Tengah): Very close to the airport, with a total of 35 pavilions, each of which represents a regency (Kabupaten) of Central Java. It also features miniature train rides and a large lake, complete with artificial island.TBRS Amusement Park: Located on Jalan Sriwijaya and in Tegalwareng area, it is the best place to enjoy some ‘wayang’ shows of all descriptions.


  • Water Boom (Water Blaster): Equipped with water slides and swimming pools providing the very best way to cool yourself down on a hot day, this water boom is close to the Graha Candi Golf Club.


Open hours: daily – hours vary

Admission: charge

6. Taman Budaya Raden Saleh


This Taman Budaya Raden Saleh is a centrally located park covering an area of approximately 22 acres/9 hectares. This is the perfect place to come if you want to escape from the busy city life and find some peace and quiet. A number of festivals are performed here every year, including the Traditional Ruwatan Ceremony held in May. Come here in May to watch the festivals.


Address: Jalan Sriwijaya 29, Semarang, Indonesia

Open hours: daily

Admission: free

7. Mangkang Zoo


If you want to spend quality time with your children and family, Mangkang Zoo is the perfect destination to go. In fact, this zoo is currently enjoying its highest visitor numbers ever, which on occasion has topped 10,000 people in just one day. The majority of the animals have been relocated here from the former Tinjomoyo Zoo including orangutans, ‘owa owa’ monkeys, exotic birds (including pelicans), huge snakes and deer. Mangkang Zoo is located on the western side of Semarang relatively close to the Cirebon to Kuningan Highway.


Open hours: daily – hours vary

Admission: charge

Those are some of the best destinations in Semarang you must visit with family and friends. Despite its constant high temperature, Semarang has a lot of things to offer any travelers paying a visit there. In fact, the high number of waterparks becomes the balancing part of Semarang. Plan your holiday in Semarang now.

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