Best Destinations in Western and Central Papua You Must Visit

Best Destinations in Western and Central Papua You Must Visit

Visit these best destinations in Western and Central Papua you must visit on your holiday. Papua is Indonesian region located on a part of New Guinea. Therefore, it is then divided into several areas, in which each of them comes with their very own set of tourist destinations. The taourist attractions include the sandy beaches on Biak Island, cruises around Lake Sentani, and both scuba diving and snorkeling within Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park.

Furthermore, Papua tourist attractions include trekking through Baliem Valley, enjoying the spectacular scenery presented there, and exploring the indigenous flora and fauna at Wasur National Park, close to Merauke. Amazingly, the Lorentz National Park also becomes a popular day out. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located on the south-westerly side of Central Papua, where it now stands as the largest national park in Asia.

Best destinations in Western Papua You Must Visit

1. Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park


Known locally in Papua as Taman Teluk Cenderawasih, this huge Cenderawasih Bay Marie National park comprises 18 different islands and a spectacular coastline stretching roughly for about 500 km/311 miles. With the size of more than 14,000 square kilometres/5,400 square miles, Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park stands as the biggest of its kind in Indonesia offering a fantastic choice of trekking or hiking trails, scuba diving and bird watching, particularly on Auri Island, Rumberpon Island and Wairondi Island. Here, you will surely be astonished with its well-kept richness of tropical flora and fauna.

2. Fak Fak


Historically, Fak Fak is a Dutch settlement, based around scenic coastal foothills offering diverse superb sea views. No wonder that those paying a visit to Fak Fak will discover that the major facilities tend to line on the main street, on Jalan Izaak Telussa, in the downtown Kota district. Fortunately, Fak Fak has good boat connections to Banda islands and to Ambon Island, both of them are parts of the acclaimed Maluku Islands.

You can enjoy some attractions in Fak Fak including day trips to the island of Tubir Seram and its numerous hiking trails, and also to Pulau Panjang, where the sandy beach of Pantai Wajob is ready to welcome the sun seekers. If they are still not enough for your holiday adventures, you can continue for further excursions to the rock paintings of Ubadari and to the beach at Kokas available for a visit.

3. Manokwari


Manokwari is based around the bay of Teluk Doreri and historically it is the very first missionary settlement in the whole of Papua. Indeed, Manokwari is such a relaxing place to explore, with sightseeing opportunities ranging from wildlife trails within the beautiful Table Mountain Park (Taman Gunung Meja), to local landmarks, such as the Japanese Monument (Tugu Jepang) and the Japanese Cave (Gua Jepang). Nearby, the islands of Pulau Mansinam and Pulau Lemon offer sun, sand and snorkelling. About 5 km/3 miles to the east of Fak Fak, Pantai Pasir Putih becomes another superb beach with wonderful scenery. Meanwhile, to the north, the black sandy beach of Amban beach is regularly visited by keen surfers.

4. Ransiki


Ransiki is usually connected by fairly crowded taxis regularly arriving from Manokwari (a three-hour journey) passing some truly incredible jungle scenery en route, as well as some of traditional Indonesian villages. Most tourists mostly come to Ransiki to enjoy the breathtaking view of Anggi Lakes.

5. Sorong


Sorong is a very notable destination for scuba diving, hiking and also bird watching available in various nature tours, in this part of Western Papua. Nevertheless, the city of Sorong has little else to offer in the matters of tourist attractions are fairly spread out, meaning that the local minibuses (angkot) will be highly necessary to get around. Also, beach-goers tend to favor Cassowary Beach (Pantai Kasuari), where diving and snorkeling are rather possible.

Best destinations in Central Papua You Must Visit

1. Nabire


It is actually a quite understated destination often passed over in favor of other more recognizable tourist resorts and attractions. The town of Nabire itself is the capital of the Paniai districts that has some pleasant sandy beaches. From Nabire, you can charter boats to take you to other islands such as Moor Island, Nusi Island and Papaya Island. Since they are less popular than other beaches, you can get more privacy in these secluded islands.

2. Pulau Biak


In fact, Biak is a popular island serving as an integral part of the tourism scene in Central Papua, and very much immersed in WWII history. As the main town of Biak Island, Kota Biak is very well situated to explore the main tourist attractions of the island. These comprise some superb scuba diving opportunities that comfortably compete with those offered in northern Sulawesi, as well as organized bird-watching tours and the praised Cenderawasih Museum.

On the other side of Kota Biak, further highlights include the rock formations around Samber and Urfu, Wardo waterfalls, Binsari Cave, the Orchid and Bird Park (Taman Burung and Anggrek) near Mokmer, the sandy beach and WWII artifacts at Bosnik, Korem Beach, and the North Biak Reserve. Nearby, day trips to Padaido Islands and Supiori Island are worth considering.

3. Pulau Numfor


Numfor Island is actually a very undeveloped and uncommercialized island being located part way between Manokwari and Biak, with an apparently endless selection of snorkeling and swimming opportunities. Asaibori beach and Pakreki beach are unquestionably the best beaches on Numfor Island. While nearby, Manem Island features some good sandy beaches, together with WWII wrecks and lots of birds.

4. Pulau Yapen


Yapen Island is undeniably a mountainous island with fascinating local villages and impressive snorkeling, especially around the northerly shores. Yapen Island is conveniently near to Arumbai Island, where you may well even spot some dolphins swimming close to the coast. The popular beaches here include Ketaupi Island and Mariadei Island.

5. Timika


Timika is well known for its strong relationship with nearby Tembagapura and its gold and copper mining industries. Although there is surely little to see in this part of Papua, Timika is a useful entry point and its airport offers direct connections to Jakarta and Denpasar (Bali).

Those best destinations in Western and Central Papua you must visit will absolutely give you the most ultimate holiday experiences ever. Although it is quite hard to reach Papua, the tourist destinations offered there make the journey worth taking. Find out more best destinations in other parts of Papua.

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