Indonesia’s Most Gorgeous Tropical Pine Forests in West Java

Indonesia’s Most Gorgeous Tropical Pine Forests in West Java

Have a great adventure in these Indonesia’s most gorgeous tropical pine forests in West Java. It is truly amazing that there are gorgeous pine forests existing in a tropical country like Indonesia. Well, although most of areas in Indonesia have high temperature, there are still some parts of Indonesia that are particularly cool. These areas are usually located on highlands further above the sea level. Therefore, no wonder that you can find numerous gorgeous tropical forests in different parts of Indonesias islands like in Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Java.

Shortly, here are Indonesia’s most gorgeous tropical pine forests in West Java:

Mount Pancar near Bogor, West Java

Bogor has so many tourist attractions that become even more appealing because Bogor is quite close to the capital city of Jakarta. You can easily reach this place within just about an hours drive via toll road with normal traffic. Bogor, often called as the Rain City, offers so many things from culinary attractions, shopping, to natural adventures. With plenty accommodation choices to select from, you will find it very easy to enjoy your exciting adventures here. Furthermore, the pine forest is located inside the Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Pancar (TWA Gunung Pancar), in Karang Tengah village, at Citeureup Bogor.

You should only pay the entrance fee on weekday visits are for IDR 5,000/person for locals and IDR 100,000/person for international tourists. Meanwhile, at weekends and public holidays, the tickets cost IDR 7,500/person for local tourists, IDR 150,000/person for international tourists, and additional cost for vehicle parking. Moreover, a special price is highlighted when you come for a pre wedding photo shoot. Outbound activities are also available with extra cost run by the local operators.

Besides camping, paintball, high ropes, and mountain bike rides, you can even ride a horse around the lush green natural site. Plus, camping grounds are available at several areas to choose from, with a range of prices according to the number of participants and occasions to be held here. No worries, camping tents and even kitchen tents with catering are available. You only need to carry your own sleeping bag for more comfort.

How to get there:

You can easily get to Mount Pancar either by motorbike, car, or chartered bus when you go with a large number of people for a gathering.

From Jakarta, take the toll road heading to Sentul city, and then drive through Sentul in the direction of the Sentul Jungle Land. Arriving at a T-junction, turn right. Soon, you will see a sign saying Karang Tengah, follow the road sign straight ahead until you arrive at the site. If you ride a motorbike, you can take the old Jalan raya Bogor and turn left for the alternative route to Sentul, and then take a right turn to Jalan Babakan Madang. Beware, the road will then start to climb up where it will greet you with gorgeous pine forest views.

Romantic Bukit Moko overlooking Bandung, West Java

Sitting atop Bandungs highest peak at 1,500 meters above the sea level, you can enjoy the aroma of pine trees while gazing on the sparkling lights of Bandung before you. You can get here from Jalan Padasuka, Kampung Bukis Bongkor Cimenyan. However, beware since the road is very steep and winding, so that it is best to prepare yourself and your vehicle very well for the ride before going uphill. Puncak Bintang or Star Peak is the great spot to experience a magical sunrise or sunset up above the beautiful Bandung.

The entrance fee is IDR 5,000/ person, with an extra charge if you want to make a pre wedding photo session. Moreover, you will have to pay for some road portals and vehicle parking fees collected by the locals on your way to the site. Meanwhile, you can rest and enjoy some local delicacies of food and drinks to warm your tummy amidst the cool air at Warung Daweung. In the local Sundanese, Warung Daweung means daydreaming. If you want to camp here, you should pay for an extra charge.

How to get there:

From the center of Bandung, go ahead up to Cicaheum Terminal. Then, follow the directions towards Padasuka Village where you will pass by a popular tourist spot for traditional bamboo music, Saung Angklung Udjo. It takes around 8 km from this point to the peak. Along the road, you will also pass Dapur Caringin Tilu, a cozy cafe where you can sip some warm drinks before finally reaching your destination.

Both pine forests are certainly a few of Indonesias most gorgeous tropical pine forests that you should visit. Hence, you can take countless instagrammable photos to make your followers and friends curious and interested in visiting those places as well. Yes, you can help promoting Indonesias best destinations through your photos. Please, share with us if you do have any other suggestions or experiences.

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