Interesting Museums and Art Galleries in Semarang You Must Visit

Interesting Museums and Art Galleries in Semarang You Must Visit

There are some interesting museums and art galleries in Semarang you must visit during your stay there. As the capital of Central Java, Semarang becomes home to some different kinds of museums and similar cultural attractions. The numerous museums accessible in Semarang containing all kinds of historical collections offer an interesting hint into the days gone by.

Here are some interesting museums in Semarang you must visit:

1. Museum Rekor Indonesia


MURI (Indonesian Records) remains to be the most popular attraction certainly appealing to all ages. Here, you can see how Indonesian people become successful to break their lifetime achievements. There are diverse kinds of achievements showing peoples strength in lifting super heavy things to peoples ability to eat a lot of eggs fast. Surely, it will be very intriguing to find out peoples unique abilities and achievements. You can also directly see their profiles displayed in this museum.

Established in the early 1990s, MURI serves as home to more than 1,500 important records relating to the history of both the city and the country. No wonder that the Museum Rekor Indonesia becomes a fun family attraction. You can come here to find out who won the Longest Hair Contest’ in Bali, who produced the first award-winning music album without using any musical instruments, and who currently Indonesia’s youngest novelist is, amidst other fascinating facts and information.

Open hours: Monday to Friday – 08:00 to 16:00

Admission: free

2. Mandala Bhakti (Military Museum)


Meanwhile, Mandala Bhakti (Military Museum) is more of a niche attraction aimed at those visiting Semarang with a special interest in Indonesian weaponry through all ages. Mandala Bhakti is famous as the Military Museum serving as home to a wealth of military memorabilia. You can see various forms of historical Indonesian weapons through the ages, ranging from bamboo spears to more modern guns, used in the battle against the Dutch and colonial rule. Founded in 1987, this building formerly operated as a law court for the city of Semarang. Here, you can also see the photographs of Indonesian war heroes.

Address: Jalan Sugiyopranoto, Semarang, Indonesia

Open hours:

Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 — 14:00

Friday: 08:00 — 11:30

Saturday: 08:00 — 12:30

Sunday: 08:00 — 13:00

Admission: charge

3. Ronggowarsito Museum


Located about 2 km/1.5 miles from Achmad Yani International Airport, on Jalan Abdulrachman, Ronggowarsito Museum settles as a popular provincial attraction. This museum is certainly filled with interesting exhibits gathered from throughout Central Java. Here, you can find out the brief history of Indonesia and the stone panel originating from Mantingan Mosque is of particular attention, along with the Islamic designs.

Address: Jalan Abdulrachman, Semarang, Indonesia

Open hours: daily 08:00 — 16:00

Admission: charge

4. Jamu Museums (Herbal Medicine)


Semarang comprises two big different ‘jamu’ manufacturers, where local herbal drinks and medicines are produced in massive quantities and distributed to all parts of Indonesia. In fact, these two herbal manufacturers also export their products to some countries.

Both of these Jamu facilities have their very own museums, where the public visitors can learn about the regional significance of Jamu and its various traditional production methods. You can find Jamu Nyonya Meneer close to the city’s bus station. Meanwhile, Jamu Jago stands about 6 km/4 miles to the south of the city center, along Ambarawa road.

Address: Jamu Nyonya Meneer, Jalan Raya Kaligawe, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 658 3088

Address: Jamu Jago, Jalan Setia Budi 273, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 354 3800

Open hours: Monday to Friday: 08:00 — 15:00

Admission: free

Moreover, below are interesting Art Galleries in Semarang you must visit:

There are several notable art galleries of you can find within Semarang area that often exhibit the handicrafts and art works of local Indonesians. For tourists wishing to see some of the most impressive art works offered for sale, then both Gallery Semarang and Museum Ronggowarsito really are the best places to visit.

Museum Ronggowarsito spreads across four buildings, with a selection of Javanese art works and cultural exhibits being spread over two floors. Located in the very heart of the city, Gallery Semarang was founded in 2001 and actively promotes contemporary arts in Indonesia.

1. Museum Ronggowarsito


Besides its traditional paintings, historical sculptures, large statues and handicrafts from across Java, Museum Ronggowarsito is also known for its Indonesian antiquities, inscriptions and numerous photographs. They are all the real documents of past events and moments in history from throughout the country. The museum itself is actually named after ‘Ronggowarsito’, who was a noticeable poet laureate during the 19th century who wrote much of his poetry at the Kasunanan Palace of Surakarta.

Address: Jalan Abdurrahman Saleh 1, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 760 2389

Open hours:

Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 — 14:00

Friday: 08:00 — 11:30

Saturday and Sunday: 08:00 — 12:30

Admission: charge

2. Gallery Semarang


A lot of locals, young up-and-coming artists regularly display their stylish, modern canvasses here, throughout the year, meaning that there is always something new to see. Not until 2008, the gallery moved its location and now stands within an area of rich cultural heritage, where it is surrounded by Dutch-influenced colonial architecture.

Address: Jalan Taman Srigunting 5-6, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 355 2099

Open hours: Monday to Friday: 09:00 — 15:00

Admission: free

Commercial art galleries in Semarang include the following selection:

  • Andika Art and Crafts Gallery

Address: Jalan Puri Anjasmoro, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 760 6123

  • Gallery Gerbang

Address: Jalan Dr. Wahidin 56, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 844 7860

  • Goedang Art and Antique

Address: Jalan Pemuda 37, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 356 4453

  • Lia Gallery

Address: Jalan Genade Selatan 2, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 749 8700

  • Pandjang Art Shop

Address: Jalan Widoharjo 31, Semarang, Indonesia

Tel: +62 024 354 1460

Those are all the latest information covering interesting museums and art galleries in Semarang that you must visit. Visiting Semarang will be incomplete without stopping by at some of the interesting museums easily accessible here. Believe me, you will find out much more than you can think of. Share your own experience in Semarang in your comments.

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