Let’s Experience Island Hopping Adventures in 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores

Let’s Experience Island Hopping Adventures in 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores

Let’s experience Island hopping adventures in 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores. It sits just off Flores mid-north coast. Despite the name, the park actually comprises of 24 small islands. Most of them are uninhabited save for the odd fishermen’s camp, marine birds, and flying fox colonys calling the islands home. Moreover, you can also find Timor deer, monkeys, hedgehogs, and Mbou, a less fearsome, smaller cousin of the Komodo dragon on a few of the islands.

Island Hopping Adventures in 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores


Just sit back on the white sandy beaches or go snorkeling over fringing coral reefs in clear, sheltered waters of the tiny archipelago. If you feel that it gets too much to handle, climb to one of the island peaks for breathtaking views over the islands. You can also take a stroll around the shoreline at low tide where you can surely spot hundreds of starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars.

Unless you’re sailing in aboard one of the many liveaboard dive vessels that frequent the area, you can access the park via the quiet coastal village of Riung. Here, you can charter a local fisherman’s boat for a day to take you all around the islands. Don’t worry, you just need to ask your guide or guesthouse to organize it for you. The local boat owners really appreciate the chance to earn a few extra dollars and will on request.

Therefore, they provide snorkeling gear and a barbeque lunch, fresh fish grilled over a camp fire right there on the beach. You will experience what it is like to be Robinson Crusoe.

When you go back to the mainland, a little adventure around Riung village and the surrounding area will surely be well worth it. Although some brave travellers often pass through the islands, Riung is still well off the beaten track and preserves a delightfully laid-back, peaceful atmosphere. You can just imagine bamboo and timber huts nestled under swaying palm trees and smiling locals, mostly descended from the Oting Bajo sea gypsies.

How to Go to 17 Islands Riung Marine Park

The best way to get to Riung is by renting a private car. If youre planning to come from the west, turn off the Transflores Highway at Mbay (about 2 hours) or at Bajawa if youre planning to come from the east (about 4 hours) via Ende (about 3 hours). Either way, you should anticipate a long winding drive on roads that are getting narrower and bumpier the closer you get to Riung. Otherwise, you can take a public bus running between Bajawa and Riung twice a day but with numerous stops. Therefore, the trip will considerably be longer.


Nonetheless, don’t expect much from this relatively small remote community since facilities are limited. There are a bunch of small guesthouses offering the basic accommodation. Never expect luxuries like wi-fi or a swimming pool but do expect to pay additional fee for a hot shower and air-conditioning. If you prefer the homestay service, there are a few to choose from down by the wharf area.

Moreover, breakfast is generally included with your accommodation. Then, and there are some small local food stalls (warungs) serving surprisingly delicious food for lunch and dinner. Therefore, you can easily buy some snacks and basic supplies in the market or small shops along the main street.

Travel Tips

Take plenty of water put on some good sunscreen. You can easily ask your guide to organize a fish BBQ lunch.

Yes, let’s experience the island hopping in 17 islands Riung Marine Park if you want to get real challenging adventures. This place does offer incredible quests amidst almost secluded islands. You will be amazed on how this place can still be untouched by modern life facilities such as internet, wi-fi, and other convenience that a city life usually offers. Come here and experience it yourself.

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